What is children’s yoga?

Physical exercise is what stands in the focus of children’s yoga classes. Playfulness and stories are integrated in these activities combined with physical exercise. A child’s values are based on stories, so great emphasis is put on the story frame of the class. As outside observers we can see drama, with conscious elements of moving, implemented with empathy. The application of moving, games and stories at the same time for 45 minutes.

Its basis is created by motion elements imitating animals’ moves, it is gradually made difficult by other consecutive elements. The build-up of all the yoga classes is the same: taking up posture, greeting, warm-up, stretching, bending exercises, series of exercises, exercises helping good posture, great movements imitating animals, exercises crossing and separating limbs, exercises helping the neurological system, rolls, turns, jumping, relaxation, breathing exercises, exercises helping concentration and attention, games of great movements, games improving emotional intelligence, finishing.

I look forward to meeting children from the middle and oldest groups. Szeretettel várom a középsős és nagycsoportos gyermekeket

On Mondays from 15.15 to 16 hours.

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