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We do believe in the force of experiences, therefore we are striving to ensure rich, enjoyable, active and colourful days for children in Szőlőszem Kindergarten. They should not only see but also feel and touch our world surrounding us. In this way, by getting to know it, they can find their place better in the world.

Szőlőszem Bölcsőde és Óvoda Nagykovácsiban

Daily Programme

Motion Development

The development of speech as well as the maturation of the neurosystem are closely related to motion development, therefore special attention is given to the regular and methodologically appropriate physical education of the children. Our pedagogues work with the development method and tools of ’Mozgáskotta’(Motion Music Note) while our in-house expert provides classes for small groups.

In addition to this, separate, motion-focused classes are provided for the children interested – in the afternoons they can participate in yoga, soccer and „Alapozó” therapy classes.

Musical Education

The experience of music and its multiple improving impact is indispensable for carefree study and the pedagogical tools of subconscious learning.

Our weekly music programme, ’Zenebona’, in addition to the daily musical education, adopts this improvement playfully through numerous musical instruments and tunes.



We consider it our primary duty to ensure a peaceful, cheerful, balanced background for the children’s games and everyday activities.

Some thoughts about


Szőlőszem Nursery and Kindergarten is to provide daily care for children living in Nagykovácsi and Remeteszőlős as well as those living in the surrounding districts.

Why choose

Szőlőszem Kindergarten?

Before making our professional programme we had made a survey of parental requirements,the local situation and integrate all these into the educational values represented by us.:

  • small groups, set up by age
  • sophisticated, high standard surroundings
  • physical development
  • environmental and literary education
  • high standard school preparation
  • highly qualified pedagogues


Have an insight into Szőlőszem kids' days!

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Our Groups

The Everyday Lives

of the Children

We are making efforts to make the children’s days rich and enjoyable in colourful and varied activities in the creche and kindergarten. A good daily programme forms the basis of  peaceful life in both the creche as well as in the kindergarten as this is how they can feel safe.

Activities being repeated and taking place at the same time, on the same schedule help them know what to expect. The daily programmes of the individual groups may be formed differently, taking  their ages into consideration, although the time allocated for individual activities and the provision of continuity between them is indispensable in the life of each group. The role of play is of utmost significance, in this way, the time for free, undisturbed play is provided every day for long hours.

“We must consider the child’s innocent soul sacred.
What we plant in it should stand all the test
If we plant something bad in it, we will poison it for good
If we plant good seeds in it, it will keep flourishing all through its life.”

Kodály Zoltán



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