Preparatory therapy

Preparatory therapy is therapy developing the neurological system, developing areas by physical exercise and efficiently help the development of the nervous sytem. It is a method primarily based on elementary movement patterns and the development of movement coordinattion. It is a complex method affecting several areas of the brain.

It helps:

-the correct formation of speech and correct articulation
-findig directions
-the correct process of reading, writing and counting
-strengthening the muscle tone
-helps all areas necessary for learning in a complex way

It effects:

-lack of maturity in case of kindergarteners
-in case of children handicapped or hindered in speech
-in case of children clumsy in moving -dislexia or dysgraphia
-in case of children lacking dominance
-in case of children with attention deficit
-in case of all the children who are not appropriately developing in movement

For appropriate development a weekly two-hour occasion is needed with one hour at a time throughout the schoolterm.
Classes consist of 5-6 children. Before membership there is chek-up.

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