Erika Somogyi

Deputy Head of Kindergarten; Kindergarten pedagogue

Titmouse Group
4-5 years old

About Me

My name is Erika Somogyi, I joined the team of Szőlőszem Kindergarten in 2014. I studied at Vilmos Apor College. It had been a long-time dream of mine to deal with children, to become a kindergarten teacher and I was happy that my dream could come true.

As a Deputy Head of Kindergarten, my primary goal is to assist my colleagues in the creation of  the necessary professional development opportunities. Through my work done in my group my goal is to make the children trusted upon me get acquainted with the surrounding world and teach them to be self-reliant, loving and to respect one another. I consider it very important to create a friendly atmosphere inside the group, to make them love the environment as well as protect the nature. Peaceful, intense play alike are also important as through these can children’s memories improve.
So can their imagination, way of thinking, and the multiple skill development helps them improve harmoniously. I find joy in crafts, I like to create and help children so that they can also create something based on their individual skills and find enjoyment through these activities. I teach children to be open to the world, to observe the moral expectations and the rules of social life. I achieve all this by praising and encouraging them a lot and I always keep my promises. I am striving to give the children lots of caring and love while the parents can leave their kids with me, satisfied and in a peace of mind, day by day.

My main goal is to ensure for the children trusted upon me the safe, emotional development and maturity for school by the end of their kindergarten-leaving age.

’Acceptance is like fertile soil, giving a chance for the tiny seed to become what it is able to.’ /Thomas Gordon

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