Bálint Pödör

Music teacher

About Me

I have been playing the percussion instruments since the age of six. My interest in music is hereditary. I studied to play the classical music percussions and gratuated from Győri Zeneművészeti Főiskola. (Győr College for Musical Arts). During my secondary school years I played rock music- as many others – later jazz, funk and world music aroused my interest.  After finishing the school for journalism, I played the percussions in different world music bands and am a member of various bands at present, too. However, I mostly play the Latino percussions in bands and clubs. Symphonic orchestra music is close to me, all the same. I am interested in all kinds of music that is rhythmical and in which percussions are involved. I have been teaching music to children for 15 years in music schools. My goal is to make them like music and become happier, fuller personalities through actively playing music.

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